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Kozloduy NPP plc is the only nuclear power plant in Bulgaria and the main electricity generating plant providing more than one third of the total annual electricity output of the country. This determines the significant position the company holds - being a factor of economic sustainability both nationally and regionally. Kozloduy NPP generates the cheapest electricity in the country, thus ensuring and maintaining affordable price of electricity for Bulgarian end-consumers.

Safety is the main priority at Kozloduy NPP and it is a subject to independent state surveillance by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency at the Bulgarian Council of Ministers. Kozloduy NPP safety has been highly assessed and acknowledged internationally as a result of the reviews conducted in the last years, by teams of the International Atomic Energy Agency, World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), Atomic Questions Group at the European Commission etc.

The electricity generation of Kozloduy NPP entirely fits into the World Nuclear Association’s concept of nuclear renaissance. The company meets the high environmental requirements of the Kyoto Protocol for it does not release any greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

There are 6 units constructed on Kozloduy NPP site of Russian design with total electricity generation of 3760 MW, pressurized water reactors. In pursuance of the Bulgarian commitments made for the country’s accession to the European Union, Kozloduy NPP stopped the operation of the first four reactors before the end of their design lifetime.

In 2004 Kozloduy NPP plc was the first trade participant at the liberalized market of electricity in Bulgaria.

Since the beginning of 2007, only the two WWER-1000 units of Kozloduy NPP have been in operation providing annually more than a third of the national electricity generation.

Aware of its commitments in respect of the present and future ecological situation, Kozloduy NPP strictly follows all safety standards concerning radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management. Spent fuel is being stored in special spent fuel pools and in the wet and dry spent fuel storage facilities. There is an enterprise operating on the Kozloduy NPP site for the treatment, conditioning, and storage of low- and medium-level radioactive waste. 

Environmental protection is a fundamental issue in the company’s policy. The plant is monitoring the radiation gamma background in the 3 km site area through automated information system. Due to the high safety standards, the gamma background within the plant area does not exceed the levels measured prior to plant commissioning.

Kozloduy NPP is one of the major employers in Bulgaria providing a high standard of living for the personnel employed at the company. 

It is a public limited company with 100 percent public ownership. Since 18th September 2008 Kozloduy NPP Plc is a subsidiary company of the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD.

The company management team is headed by the Board of Directors and an Executive Director .

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