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All the recommendations are addressed
Antonio Madonna – European Council AQG/WPNS Expert Mission Team Leader

“I want to acknowledge the significant efforts in the last few years and the strong motivation of the people working at Kozloduy NPP. We can say that all recommendations, given by the AQG have been adequately addressed.”
(November 17, 2003, AQG Peer Review at Kozloduy NPP)


People here are very responsible to their work
Kenneth Brockman - Nuclear Installations Safety Department Head at the International Atomic Energy Agency

“Though my visit was short, I saw that people here are very responsible to their work, I saw a nuclear plant in a very good state.”
(October 20, 2003 during a visit at Kozloduy NPP)


Kozloduy NPP is like any modern western plant
Giles Chichester - a member of the European Parliament

“I strongly support nuclear industry at a reasonable balance in the national energy mix of every country. Kozloduy NPP looks like any modern Western plant. The modernisations performed in the last few years at Units 3 and 4 have led to a considerable safety upgrade. I personally accept the positive evaluations of the International Atomic Energy Agency regarding the status of Units 3 and 4 of Kozloduy NPP and I hope for an objective and fair attitude to you by the European Union.”
(October 27, 2003 during a visit at Kozloduy NPP)


You must be proud of what you have achieved
Ales John - Chairman of the WANO Moscow Centre Director Board

“The management and personnel of Kozloduy NPP must be proud of what has been achieved at the plant, of the high degree of safety and reliability of the nuclear installations.”
(June 2-13, 2003 WANO Peer Review)


I am impressed by the scope of modernizations
Petr Dokladal - Czech Republic ambassador

“I was really impressed by the amount of the funds invested in the modernization of the plant units…I am impressed by the scope of what you have done in the sphere of modernization in the last few years.”
(February 24, 2003 during a visit at Kozloduy NPP)


You have achieved a high safety level
Michael Fuchs - a representative of the International Nuclear Insurance Pool

“Your modernisation program for Units 3 and 4 compensates the design imperfection and you have achieved a rather good and acceptable safety level. I am extremely impressed by the installation of jet vortex condensers. I had the possibility to study your leak detection system and it is the best system that I have seen at a unit of that age.”
(January 9, 2003 during a visit at Kozloduy NPP)


Bulgaria can be proud of Kozloduy NPP
John Ritch - General Director of the World Nuclear Association

“Bulgaria can be proud of the high technical standards in the generation of nuclear energy and the competence of the Kozloduy NPP personnel.”
(December 10-11, 2002 during a visit at Kozloduy NPP)


Units 3,4,5 and 6 are safe
Michael Cashman - PES Member, Great Britain

“We are not technicians but our job is to weigh the evidence and evidence we are seeing is that it is safe. That means that Units 3,4,5 and 6 are safe.”
(October 28, 2002 Visit of the Joint Parliamentary Committee “Bulgaria- EU” Мembers)


A lot of improvements were made
Luis Ledermann - IAEA expert

“The IAEA has been involved with the Bulgarian Government since 1990 in the various aspects of the Kozloduy units safety. In particular in 1991 the IAEA has conducted a review mission and made a series of recommendations on different aspects of safety of Kozloduy NPP units. Since then under the supervision of the Agency, the plant has performed numerous improvements of the design and operational safety. The last IAEA inspection in June 2002 proved that all the Agency recommendations have been addressed. During the seminar I had the chance to present the results of this mission and the opinion of the team that held it. The conclusion of the report, issued by IAEA after the 2002 mission showed that the recommendations made by the experts for the plant safety level enhancement are correctly and precisely implemented by the unit modernisation programs.”
(September 23-24, 2002 International Technical Seminar “10 years of Мodernizations on Units 3 and 4 at Kozloduy NPP plc”)


I can hardly recognize this plant…
Bernard Gachot - an IAEA team member

“All the main safety issues that were identified by the International Agency 11 years ago are considered resolved today. Kozloduy of today is far away from Kozloduy of 1991. I can hardly recognize this plant. Due to all the improvements performed at Kozloduy NPP now we can say that the plant can be compared to the Western plants of the same generation. I have participated in the design activities of nearly all French units and analyses performed by IAEA in the last 11 years concerning WWER-440 units so I can say I am quite sure in the design safety of such type of units. I sincerely hope that Units 1 to 4 of Kozloduy NPP will continue their operation as long as it is technically not politically possible.”
(June 29, 2002 , IAEA Safety Review Mission on Units 3 and 4)


Your achievements surpass the recommendations…
Diaz Francisco - an IAEA team member

“Today your achievements that surpass the IAEA recommendations can be compared to the best international practices.”
(June 29, 2002 , IAEA Safety Review Mission on Units 3 and 4)


Nuclear energy has a future in Bulgaria!
Georgy Parvanov - President of the Republic of Bulgaria

“My visit to Kozloduy NPP plc convinces me that remarkable specialists work at the plant, that the work is performed with high professionalism and responsibility. Nuclear energy has a future in Bulgaria!”
(April 9, 2002, during a visit at Kozloduy NPP)


I am extremely impressed...
Simeon Saxe Coburg Gotha - Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

“I am extremely impressed by what I have seen: the unique plant and the spirits of the people working here can make any country proud”.
(January 28, 2002 , during a visit at Kozloduy NPP)


I can not hide my excitement...
Ivan Kostov - Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

“I cannot hide my excitement when I see the great difference in the operational culture of the plant as compared to any other Bulgarian enterprise. Kozloduy NPP is indeed a modern, elite enterprise. You have already become Europeans.”
((March 10, 1999)


I am deeply impressed...
Gordon Adam – Former MP and Chairman of the Committee of Science, Technologies and Energy of the European Parliament; the first MEP that visited the plant

“I am deeply impressed with the standards maintained by Kozloduy NPP and with the efforts invested for safety enhancement. The comparison with other plants I have already visited is in your favor.”
(1999, during a visit at Kozloduy NPP)

I feel happy by everything I saw....
Remy Carl - Former WANO President

“I feel happy by everything I saw in Kozloduy, how fast it changes and approaches the western plants. The technological upgrade of Kozloduy NPP is a contribution to the world nuclear industry development. “

Kozloduy NPP is the best example...
Hans Blix - Former IAEA Director General

“Kozloduy NPP is the best example, how effective can the international cooperation be when implemented in the atmosphere of transparency and good will. I congratulate you for your achievements. I know that what you have achieved is even more valuable due to the complicated economical situation in your country.”
(September 29, 1994, at Kozloduy NPP visit)

It is wonderful that you have such people in Kozloduy...
Lord Marshall of Goring - WANO founder and ex-President

“It is wonderful that you have such people in Kozloduy. Kozloduy NPP is a pearl in the crown of the nuclear power plants of the East.”
(October 1992, at the meeting with the Bulgarian Prime Minister )