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AEC Kozlodui AEC Kozlodui
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The Information Center of Kozloduy NPP is one of the first established in a production plant in Bulgaria. The priorities of its activities are to present timely and updated information on the activities in the Nuclear Power Plant and to promote nuclear energy as a secure safe and environment friendly source of electricity.

In the halls of the Information center you can see:

  • Mock-ups of the main facilities of the nuclear power plant;
  • Collection of photographs from different plant facilities;
  • Multimedia interactive system on the history and technological process for the production of electricity, with a special animated department for young visitors;
  • Videos with summarized information on the Kozloduy NPP history and activities.
  • Here you can get:                                         

  • Leaflets and brochures, presenting the activities in the nuclear power plant;
  • Kozloduy NPP annual reports;
  • Plant bulletin “Parva atomna”;
  • Leaflets for children with questions and answers on nuclear energy.